Frequently Asked Questions

Are the chemicals you use safe?2020-06-15T14:00:16-04:00

Yes, our products are safe for your surfaces, kids, pets, and the environment. At Germ Force™, we choose a more “eco-friendly” approach when it comes to products and procedures used for service.

Do I still need to clean and disinfect areas after the antimicrobial protector is applied to my surfaces?2020-10-20T20:45:47-04:00

You should still perform cleaning and disinfection procedures on your surfaces after the antimicrobial protector is dry. We recommend waiting until the surface shield product is fully dry and cured, usually a few hours after application.

How long does your service take?2020-06-15T13:49:40-04:00

This really depends on the service plan you choose, the type of industry you’re in,  and the size of your facility.  Smaller areas around 500-1,000 square feet on average take 30-60 minutes to complete. Larger facilities (8,000 sq ft) may take several hours.

What is Electrostatic disinfection and how does it work?2020-10-20T20:46:07-04:00

When you spray a solution charged with electrostatics, the solution will wrap conductive surfaces. The solution being sprayed through our electrostatic technology will wrap around objects 360 degrees for more complete, consistent coverage.

Will the antimicrobial surface protector rub off with daily cleaning and maintenance?2020-10-20T20:45:07-04:00

Our protective coatings will not wash away with daily cleaning routines or rub off on food, skin, or clothes. These products are built to last 90 days and are very durable.

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